About the Journal

Our journal aims to promote research culture and academic excellence in Africa, with a focus on scientific and technological innovations, youth empowerment, leadership development, job creation, and capacity building. We provide a platform for scholars and researchers in different fields to publish their findings and share their knowledge with the academic community.

We publish articles in a range of disciplines, including social and management sciences, computing, nursing sciences, health sciences, and law. Our School of Social & Management Sciences section welcomes papers that explore new ways to solve business problems and promote sustainable development. Our School of Computing section publishes papers on topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and computer networks. Our School of Nursing Sciences section focuses on research related to nursing education, patient care, and healthcare delivery. Our School of Health Sciences section publishes articles on topics such as disease surveillance, health equity, and global health. Finally, our School of Law section welcomes papers that explore new ways to protect human rights and promote justice and equality.

Our journal is a vital component of our efforts to promote research culture, capacity building, and knowledge dissemination in Africa. We welcome high-quality research from scholars across the continent and beyond, and we are committed to providing a platform for the publication of cutting-edge research that can contribute to the social, economic, and technological development of Africa.